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EBI Surveying specializes in medium to large scale ALTA Surveys for design and real estate transactions.  A full understanding in the processes involved in developing properties and the intricacies of complex real estate transactions gives us an edge when it comes to working with attorneys and developers alike.  Refined protocol and staff enhancement in the existing ALTA Standards and being ever vigilant to be aware of changing dynamics in the world of title and encumbrances keeps us prepared to complete our ALTA Surveys as efficiently as possible.  The example shown is a developed commercial property for which the end user requires a complete ALTA Survey after the construction of new improvements has been completed.


Using state of the art Drone Technology, a site is flown taking aerial images in nadir and oblique 360 degree patterns.  Anchor points are placed on the ground using cadastral surveying methods.  Once the anchor points are identified in each relevant photograph, software is then used to create a dense point cloud (SEE PHOTOS).


EBI Surveying has platted hundreds of properties throughout Florida.  We have built relationships with reviewers and administrators to develop processes for each municipality.  The platting process can take as long as six months and as short as three.  We work with our clients and our experience can drive a project forward through the platting process.  We are familiar with platting properties that being developed as well as properties that simply need to be split.

Click here to see an example of a subdivision of a commercial property located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Sheldon Road and Linebaugh Avenue in Tampa, Florida.


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